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Don’t Settle for Patchwork Marketing

Good marketing content depends on much more than writing skill alone. Effective content marketing is based on two essential components that work together to convert leads and help drive sales.


Smart Strategy

Scattershot content won’t give the results you need to grow your business. A smart content plan will establish:

  • The right content
  • For the right audience
  • At the right time
  • To produce the right results

Together we’ll identify your business goals, ideal customer “personas,” and your buyer’s journey to create a high-performing content strategy that generates leads and supports your sales team.

Compelling Content

Today’s B2B customers are savvy researchers who are suspicious of salesy tactics. Your content needs to:

  • Help customers solve their problems
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Nurture trust
  • Promote your unique brand and voice
  • Engage customers’ emotions

I’ll help you reach your ideal customers with irresistible content that generates brand awareness and converts visitors to leads.

Marketing Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Most small businesses need help developing a strategy and creating the content. Marketing that’s missing either of these components will be unfocused and directionless, or it’ll be uncompelling. But if you have staff who can provide some content support, I can work with you to fill in the gaps.

Before starting any projects together, I’ll meet with you to fully understand your particular needs and marketing goals. As your marketing partner, I’ll provide a solution that uniquely fits your company.

Master Your Marketing Content

Don’t leave your marketing up to chance—combine a smart strategy with compelling content.