These are samples of some of my best work. They include a blog sample, a webinar campaign, a content offer campaign, and a product video. I can provide additional examples by request.
WBG blog article

This is an example of a typical article I wrote for The Whole Brain Group. Not only is it one of our most viewed blog posts, it also provides insight into the way I create content. You can download samples of blogs from a range of my clients.

My blogging responsibilities at WBG included identifying blog topics and themes, researching and writing articles, and choosing images. As a result of my work, blog views have increased by over 550% year over year and blog subscriptions have gone up about 74% in that time.

EOS webinar

This campaign featured a webinar to promote a client’s forthcoming book, How to Be a Great Boss. It was a major campaign involving email blasts, blogging, and social media. I created blog articles, a landing page, emails, and calls to action, then promoted the webinar on social media. You can view the entire campaign here.

Our goal was 300 registrants. The campaign was a tremendous success:

  • Total registrants: 470 (+56.7%)
  • Attended: 263
  • Email had 40% open rate and 20% click through
  • Landing page earned a 68% submission rate

Our client had several downloadable content offers for people who were familiar with the company, but no content for brand-new visitors who didn’t know anything about the client.

This gorgeous ebook was designed to address buyers’ pains and provide a basic introduction to the client’s services. It had to be informative and targeted at business leaders who needed quick but meaningful solutions. We promoted the ebook with email, social media, and blog articles. Results were excellent:

  • Email marketing: 56.1% conversion rate
  • Direct traffic: 68% conversion rate
  • Organic search: 47.89% conversion rate
  • Referrals: 35.16% conversion rate
Avalaunch Media hired me to write the content for a whitepaper on the state of banking in 2017. Their client needed a highly visual piece that would show strong thought leadership and establish the client as an ideal solution for banks that are looking to position themselves for the future.
budget prep checklist

We noticed that many visitors to our website were looking for help in their budget planning for 2017. We wanted to create a tool that would make it easy for marketers to identify their greatest needs and plan their budgets around them with greater focus.

I worked with the business strategist to develop a Budget Prep Checklist, then created a landing page for it, and supported the content offer with a blog series and an email campaign. Many of WBG’s landing pages have a lifetime conversion rate of 45%.

Time Bank product video

The challenge was to create an animated, 2-minute product video. In that time frame it needed to tell a compelling story and clearly explain the technical product. The graphic designer and I met with the client to understand the pains, motivations, and needs of the audience, then I wrote the script and worked with the designer on realizing my vision.

The client was ecstatic with the results and the video are effectively helping drive sales. One sales rep said, “I can send emails with links to IDI’s videos and follow up with a phone conversation, and the leads are immediate.”

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I can send emails with links to IDI’s [Time Bank product] videos and follow up with a phone conversation, and the leads are immediate. Herb Brohn

Sales Rep, ADP

Bill is a creative and focused writer, always thinking about the objective of the written piece while never forgetting about the perception of the reader. Shannon Bellefleur

Director of Marketing, ComForCare